Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saint Mary’s University unveils ‘Strategic Plan 2017’ to guide university into second century

WINONA, Minn. — In 2012 Saint Mary’s University, under the direction of President Brother William Mann, conducted a year-long comprehensive strategic planning process. The significant endeavor involved 900 persons from the university’s network of stakeholders in a focused, five-phased planning process. The result, Strategic Plan 2017, was recently approved by the Board of Trustees. The plan is a complete articulation of a new vision for Saint Mary’s as a top-tier, national university.

With the adoption of Strategic Plan 2017 during its Centennial year, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is charting a course for the future by strategically aligning the university’s operations with its mission and vision. The plan outlines three themes which will serve to guide the work of the university: 1) strengthen and preserve the core mission and identity; 2) innovate and grow – three centers of excellence; and 3) steward and strengthen resources.

Over the next five years Saint Mary’s will undertake new initiatives and new thinking with a distinctive commitment to teaching and learning, ethical leadership, the sciences, and online education. “Strategic Plan 2017 is the next step in a process to launch the university’s second century, building on the significant success of its first century,” said Brother William. “This plan was the outcome of the thoughts and aspirations of our extended Saint Mary’s community. Under the goals set forth in Strategic Plan 2017 we will collaboratively ensure a vibrant, successful and meaningful future for Saint Mary’s.”

Strategic Plan 2017

Theme 1: Strengthen and Preserve the Core Mission and Identity
• Goal 1 Teaching and Learning: Establish active Centers for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at both the College and the Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs.
• Goal 2 Identity: Perpetuate the Lasallian Catholic heritage and identity.
• Goal 3 Residential Experience: Create a vibrant campus and transformational residential life experience at the College.

Theme 2: Innovate and Grow — Three Centers of Excellence
• Goal 4 Sciences: Develop, articulate and execute a new vision for excellence in the sciences for the 21st century.
• Goal 5 Leadership Development: Develop, articulate and execute a new vision for excellence in leadership development for the 21st century.
• Goal 6 Online Education: Develop and launch a national online education initiative at the SGPP for the 21st century.

Theme 3: Steward and Strengthen Resources
• Goal 7 Enrollment: Increase the enrollment and visibility of the university at both the College and the SGPP.
• Goal 8 Institutional Sustainability: Optimize the financial and human resources and well-being of the university.
• Goal 9 Philanthropy: Grow the university’s endowment and philanthropic investment to support new initiatives, student scholarships, and faculty and staff development.

To read the plan in its entirety, go to www.smumn.edu/strategicplan.