Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saint Mary's University purchases south Minneapolis landmark

$2 million anonymous gift helps fund purchase of Harrington Mansion and Events Center, formerly the Zuhrah Shrine property, on Park Avenue

MINNEAPOLIS – Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota announced today that it has finalized its purchase of the Harrington Mansion and Events Center, located adjacent to the university’s Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs (SGPP) in Minneapolis. Saint Mary’s University plans to use the property, formerly owned by the Zuhrah Shriners, for expansion of its graduate programs, community outreach, and alumni event venues.

“This is an investment both in our campus and in the Twin Cities community,” said Brother William Mann, president of Saint Mary’s University. “Saint Mary’s is expanding to meet our growth in educational offerings. We see this as an investment to not only provide educational access to those who increasingly are excluded from it, but also a commitment to help revitalize the Phillips West neighborhood.”

A growing university
Saint Mary’s University opened its Minneapolis campus at 2500 Park Avenue South in 1984 to focus primarily on graduate education, as well as meeting the needs of adult students through baccalaureate degree completion programs. Saint Mary’s helped pioneer the accelerated programming format and has experienced significant growth over the past few decades. Today Saint Mary’s SGPP is enjoying record enrollment, with more than 4,300 students enrolled.

Saint Mary’s latest expansion is the Harrington Mansion and Events Center purchase, which includes the historic mansion, carriage house, modern events center, and 100 parking spaces, encompassing 1.66 acres at 2540 Park Avenue. The mansion and carriage house consist of 30,000 square feet, and the event center has 54,000 square feet. The purchase significantly increases the size of Saint Mary’s campus footprint on Park Avenue. The purchase price of the properties is $2.75 million. A $2 million gift from an anonymous donor made the purchase possible for Saint Mary’s. Saint Mary’s will begin a campaign to raise funds for renovations of the buildings.

The mansion and carriage house will be used for online learning opportunities, office space, gatherings of alumni and friends, and performing and visual arts space. The center will be used for university events and will continue to be available for public rental. The space is ideal for meetings, corporate functions, and receptions.

Harrington Mansion history
The Harrington Mansion is an Italian Renaissance-style home built in 1902 for the family of Charles Harrington, who owned a grain processing and distribution business. The home’s architects were Frederick Kees and Serenus Colburn, who also designed the Minneapolis Grain Exchange Building and the Loring Theater (now the Music Box Theater).

The Harrington family resided in the mansion from 1902 until 1929. The property was then sold to the Zuhrah Shrine fraternal organization, which owned the property until Saint Mary’s purchased it.

“Zuhrah Shriners enjoyed more than 80 years as a vital part of the Phillips West area of Minneapolis,” said Gary Sibben, Potentate of the Zuhrah Shriners. “Rising costs and declining membership have caused us to look for a more suitable home. We are glad the property will remain an integral part of the area’s revitalization.”

The Harrington Mansion was designated historic by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission in 1988. This designation protects the external integrity of the historic property while allowing Saint Mary’s to make modern internal renovations.

“We are grateful to the donor for enabling us to make this purchase,” said Brother William. “We are proud to become a part of the rich history of the Harrington Mansion. Saint Mary’s University intends to preserve that history while making the property highly functional for today’s learners and guests.”

To view photos, go to; To view a fact sheet about the buildings, go to or scroll to the next blog entry. To read a feature from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, go to

FACT SHEET Harrington Mansion and Events Center


· The Harrington Mansion and Events Center, with the historic mansion, carriage house, modern event center, and 124 parking spaces, encompasses 1.66 acres in South Minneapolis. The mansion and carriage house consist of 30,000 square feet and the event center, built in 1990, has 54,000 square feet.

· The Harrington Mansion was built in 1902 by the Pike and Cook construction firm under the architectural direction of Frederick Kees and Serenus Colburn.

· The Harrington Family resided in the mansion from 1902 until 1929, when the property was sold to the Zuhrah Shrine fraternal organization, which owned the property until 2011.

· The Harrington Mansion was designated historic by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission in 1988.

· Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota owns the property, which is located next to the university’s Minneapolis campus.

Architectural influences

· Architects Kees and Colburn designed the Harrington residence in the Italian Renaissance style. The architectural team also designed the Minneapolis Grain Exchange Building and the Loring Theater, which is now the Music Box Theater.

· While occupied by the Harringtons, the mansion contained a library, drawing room, dining room, den, kitchen, and servants’ hall; the family’s bedrooms were located on the second floor. A ballroom and auditorium filled the third floor, while billiard and card rooms were housed in the basement.

· Each room on the second floor connects with the one adjoining it, so an entire circuit of the house can be made without entering a hall passageway.

· Owner Charles Harrington brought in artisans from Norway and Sweden to perfect the home’s ornamental décor that can still be seen today.

Harrington Family

· Charles Harrington, a native of New York, moved to Minneapolis to work for George Van Dusen, founder of a grain processing and distribution business that would become the Van Dusen-Harrington Company in 1889. From 1889 to 1928, Charles Harrington served as the company president.

· Charles married Grace Ross, also a native of New York, and together they had one child named Laura. Along with the Harringtons, Mrs. Harrington’s sister, Isabel Ross, and three servants lived at the estate.

Zuhrah Shriners

· September 26, 1872, marked the beginning of the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (AONMS), which is now known as Shriners International.

· Zuhrah Temple was number 23, chartered in 1886. Today there are 191 temples throughout North America.

· From the beginning, the Shrine was involved with charities. The first Shriners Hospital for Children opened in 1922 and the Twin Cities Unit opened in 1924. Today there are 22 hospitals, 19 orthopedic units, and 3 burn institutes. The services of these hospitals are free to children up to the age of 18 years, regardless of race, religion, or relationship to a Shriner, provided there is a medical need that can be helped.

Zuhrah has had four locations in Minneapolis and moved to its most recent location, 2540 Park Avenue, in 1929. The property was purchased for $25,000, which is less than one-third of today’s property tax burden. Zuhrah Shrine Center has been built and rebuilt twice, but the historic mansion remains intact.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

SMU student discovers unknown Lincoln documents

WINONA, Minn. — Saint Mary’s University history student David Spriegel is making national headlines this week for uncovering two original, previously unknown documents written in 1844 by a then up-and-coming lawyer named Abraham Lincoln.

Spriegel of Gurnee, Ill., was on the second week of his summer internship at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Ill., when he made the discovery.

The following press release was sent by David Blanchette, (217) 558-8970, from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum:

I found two unknown Lincoln documents
on my summer vacation

Presidential Library intern discovers previously unknown documents
written by Abraham Lincoln in 1844

SPRINGFIELD – When the question is asked, “What did you do on your summer vacation,” no one will be able to top one college student’s story.

David Spriegel of Gurnee, Illinois, a student at Saint Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota, was on the second week of a summer internship at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, when he discovered two original, previously unknown documents written in 1844 by an up-and-coming lawyer named Abraham Lincoln.

“It was really a surprise,” said Spriegel. “I didn’t think it could be true.”

In late May, when he began to organize a four-inch-tall stack of old documents in the Presidential Library’s Manuscripts Department, Spriegel noticed a small inscription on two of them: “The above memorandum is in the handwriting of Abraham Lincoln. – M. Hay.” Milton Hay had clerked in the Stuart and Lincoln Law Office as a young man and would have recognized Lincoln’s script. Hay’s notations seem to date from late in his life, perhaps the 1880s.

Spriegel called the discovery to the attention of his supervisor, Glenna Schroeder-Lein, manuscripts librarian at the Presidential Library. She immediately contacted experts with the Papers of Abraham Lincoln project housed at the Library. Daniel Stowell and Stacy McDermott of that project confirmed Lincoln’s handwriting, as did James Cornelius, curator of the Lincoln Collection.

The two documents, bearing no other signature or date, are long lists of small parcels of land being bought and sold amongst a variety of early Springfield settlers, including Ninian Wirt Edwards and William Wallace (both of whom ended up as Lincoln’s brothers-in-law), Stacy Opdycke, Jesse B. Thomas, Stephen T. Logan, and others. The papers lay among several land warrantees that had been donated to the Library by a descendant of one of those settlers.

After some research Cornelius determined that the documents were part of the legal case Opdycke et al. v. Godfrey et al., from Christian County, Illinois, and that the lands in question are west of Taylorville, in that county. McDermott believes that Lincoln likely used these two pages of memoranda to prepare a petition he filed to initiate the case in March 1844. The documents will be available this fall for viewing, alongside those from the 5,600 other Lincoln legal cases, at the Papers of Abraham Lincoln website,

Meanwhile, the two documents join 1,580 other original Abraham Lincoln manuscripts at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

This is not the first time that a young student has made such a thrilling discovery. In 1952, 14-year-old Ron Rietveld, a student helper at the Illinois State Historical Library, the forerunner of the Lincoln Presidential Library, discovered the only existing original photograph of Lincoln lying in his coffin following his assassination. Rietveld later became a professor of history at California State University – Fullerton, where he had a student, Glenna Schroeder-Lein, the same woman who is supervising Spriegel on his summer 2011 internship at the Presidential Library.

“I never dreamed that my summer internship would bring me into direct contact with an original, previously unknown Lincoln document,” Spriegel said. “I’m happy that the discovery will increase our knowledge of Lincoln’s legacy.”

Visit for more information about the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

MCA announces summer dance, theatre, music programming

WINONA, Minn. — The Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts offers summer programming runs through July 22. Community classes, lessons, workshops and camps are offered for children age 3 through adults.

Theatre division offerings include:

Theatre Day Camp IDestination Imagination
June 20-24; 9 to 11:30 a.m.; for young people entering grades 2 through 5; tuition: $100.
Students are led through a series of theatre games and exercises designed to encourage and develop their imaginations. Students perform in a final showcase.

Theatre Day Camp II – Broadway Bound!
June 20-24, 1 to 4:30 p.m.; for young people entering grades 6 through 8; tuition: $150.
Students will learn how actors bring unique characters to life using their voice, body and creativity. Students will learn improvisation, acting technique for the stage, theatrical numbers for popular Broadway musicals, and perform in a final showcase.

Music division offerings include:

Music Explorers I
June 27-July 1; 4:15 to 5 p.m.; for students entering grades 1 through 3; tuition: $30.
Learn concepts related to steady beat, duration, pitch, volume, articulation, solfege, and rhythmic and melodic improvisation.

Music Explorers II
June 27-July 1; 3 to 4 p.m.; for students entering grades 4 through 6; tuition: $30.
Students will learn to write their own melodies that include elements of rhythm and meter, pitch and key, expression and form.

Chamber Music Camp
July 18- 22; 2 to 4:30 p.m.; for students entering grades 7 through 12; tuition: $100.
Students will play in small ensemble settings with like instruments and will attend music classes in sight singing, theory, composition, improvisation, and the Alexander technique.

Private Music Lessons: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, Mandolin, Piano, Voice
Arranged, for students ages 5 to adults; tuition: $75 for 5 lessons, $140 for 10 lessons.

Dance division offerings include:

June 7, 14, 21, 28; 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.; tuition: $24.
This fitness course offers a dynamic blend of dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts. For teens and adults. No experience necessary.

Clogging For Kids
June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25; 4:15 to 5 p.m.; tuition: $40.
An Introduction to clogging for students ages 8 through 12.

Clogging I
June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25; 5 to 5:30 p.m.; tuition: $30.
An Introduction to clogging for teens and adults. No experience necessary.

Clogging II
June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25; 5:30 to 6:15 p.m.; tuition: $40
Clogging for teen and adults students with experience.

Tour of Dance
June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25; 6:15 to 7 p.m.; tuition: $40.
Explore different dance genres including ballet, modern, jazz, Irish, and folk for teens and adults. No experience necessary.

Power Piyo
June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25; 7:15 to 8:15 p.m.; tuition: $50.
Pilates and yoga combination class for teens and adults. No experience necessary.

Ballet Workshops
June 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30; 5 to 7:30 p.m.; tuition: $120.
Ballet/pointe and classical variations for intermediate and advanced dancers

Creative Movement
July 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27; 5:15 to 5:45 p.m.; for children ages 3 to 4; tuition: $30.
Introduction to the dance class setting using creative movement techniques.

Musical Theatre Dance
July 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27; 6 to 7 p.m.; for ages 13 to adult, tuition: $40.
Students will learn basic dance technique for musical theatre performance and explore choreography from Broadway musicals.

“The MCA summer dance, theatre and music offerings are a great extracurricular activity for youth, helping them build self-esteem, expand their creativity, creating a daily venue for movement and exercise, and offering a great place to meet new friends,” said Christine Martin, managing director of MCA.

MCA summer dance and fitness classes also offer excellent opportunities for adults. Additionally, workshops for intermediate and advanced teens and college-aged students are available.

All MCA classes, workshops, lessons, and camps are held at the Valéncia Arts Center, 1164 West 10th St.

Registration for summer programming is currently being accepted. Students may register online at, in person at the Valéncia Arts Center, or registration may be mailed to the center.

For more information and registration materials, visit, e-mail or call (507) 453-5500. The Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts is an affiliate program of Saint Mary’s University.

MCA offers Music Explorers classes June 27 – July 1

WINONA, Minn. — The Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts will offer Music Explorers June 27 to July 1 at MCA’s Valencia Arts Center, 1164 West 10th St.

Music Explorers are for young people entering grades 1-6 in the fall. These classes encourage music literacy, allowing students to be better listeners and performers of music. The classes are designed to be an introduction, expansion, or review of material encountered in the school music program. Students will listen to, sing and create music as part of each class.

Music Explorers I is for students entering grades 1-3 in the fall. Students in Explorers I will begin to understand and use music concepts and terms. These musicians will listen to, move to and sing music to further experience steady beat, duration, pitch, volume, and articulation. Students will use some solfege (do, mi, sol, and la). Rhythmic and melodic improvisation will also be covered. Music Explorers I is 4:15-5 p.m., June 27 to July 1. Tuition for Music Explorers I is $30.

Music Explorers II is for students entering grades 4-6 in the fall. Students in Explorers II will understand and use music terms, concepts and notation. These musicians will write their own melodies that include elements of rhythm and meter, pitch and key, expression, and form. Some creations may include songwriting with lyrics. Students will also apply solfege (do, re, mi, etc.) to common melodies and explore more complex scores while listening to music. Music Explorers II is 3-4 p.m., June 27 to July 1. Tuition for Music Explorers II is $40.

Music Explorers I and II are taught by MCA Instructor Lindsy O’Shea. Scholarships are available.

Registration is currently being accepted. Students may register online at, in person at the Valéncia Arts Center, or registration may be mailed to the center. For more information, registration materials, or to request a scholarship application, visit, e-mail or call (507) 453-5500. The Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts is an affiliate program of Saint Mary’s University.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Five alumni to be honored at SMU’s Homecoming June 24-26

WINONA, Minn. — Each year during summer Homecoming festivities, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota honors outstanding alumni.

This year’s Distinguished Alum Award recipient is Dr. Don Truhlar of Stillwater, Minn.; Lasallian Service Awards will go to Mary Lou (Black) Scheid of Bloomington, Minn., and James and Molly (Crosby) Cave of St. Paul. Additionally, Rob Figliulo of Burr Ridge, Ill., will receive the Alumni Appreciation Award. All five will be honored during a reception Saturday, June 25, on the Winona campus.

Approximately 350 alumni, family and friends will return to their alma mater for Saint Mary’s Homecoming festivities, which begin Friday, June 24, and run throughout the weekend. In addition to the alumni awards ceremony, highlights include a golf outing, the Gilmore Gallop 5K, a 50+ anniversary social, and the alumni picnic. Alumni can go to for more information.

2011 Saint Mary’s Homecoming Honorees:

Dr. Don Truhlar '65
Distinguished Alum
Stillwater, Minn.

Don Truhlar ’65 switched his major at Saint Mary’s from physics to chemistry because, he said, “The most exciting science on campus” was in carbene research. His research took many turns, but 37 years later, he returned to his SMU roots and wrote two journal articles on carbene chemistry. All together, he has authored more than 900 journal articles, more than 80 book chapters and has edited or co-edited 13 books. Don received a Ph.D. from Caltech in 1970, and he has been on the faculty of the University of Minnesota since 1969 where he is currently Regents Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Physics Nanoparticle Science and Engineering and Scientific Computation. Don also serves as an associate editor for the Journal of the American Chemical Society and editor of Computer Physics Communications. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. and the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Physical Society, the American Chemical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, and he has received numerous national and international awards for his research.

Rob Figliulo '76
Alumni Appreciation
Burr Ridge, Ill.

Rob Figliulo ’76 is a lifelong supporter of Saint Mary’s University. He is a former member and chairman of the SMU board of Trustees and is currently serving as chair of the Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Advisory Board. He has also served as an active parent while several of his children attended Saint Mary’s. Rob has demonstrated his philanthropy and commitment to the university. He is a charismatic supporter of SMU who has been generous with his time, talent and financial contributions.

Mary Lou (Black '76) Scheid
Lasallian Service
Bloomington, Minn.

It has been the lifelong goal of Mary Lou (Black ’76) Scheid and her husband Stephen Scheid ’76 to volunteer in a Third World country after they retired. Sadly, because of Stephen’s sudden and untimely death, they were unable to carryout their dream together. Undaunted, Mary Lou and her 11-year-old son studied Spanish and moved to Antigua, Guatemala. For three years, Mary Lou served as a surgical nurse and Spanish interpreter. She worked with teams of doctors from the United States, Europe and Canada on a variety of surgeries including orthopedic, cleft lip and palate, hysterectomies and cataract. Mary Lou returned to the United States a few years ago but continues to make several trips each year back to Guatemala with medical teams from the Twin Cities.

James '91 & Molly (Crosby '91) Cave
Lasallian Service
St. Paul, Minn.

Together, James ’91 and Molly (Crosby ’91) Cave are living examples of Lasallian service. Molly, a social worker, community volunteer and advocate for women, uses love and compassion to advocate and empower people in the Twin Cities. Molly was also instrumental in the St. Paul Paint the Pavement program, which promotes community building and “peacemaking” through creating neighborhood art. James is a Catholic schoolteacher and a coach who is a leader and national speaker on Social Justice, Genocide, and the Rwandan Genocide. James leads educational trips for high school students to Rwanda annually. Recently the Caves invited a young man from Rwanda into their home so he could attend junior and high school in the United States. The Caves practice what they preach, and live the lives that most others only talk about.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Quilters Guild show to be displayed at SMU

WINONA, Minn. — The summer show, “Beneath the Covers: The Winona Area Quilters Guild,” will be on display at Saint Mary’s University from June 20 through Aug. 14.

A huge variety of full-size quilts, as well as other quilted pieces — ranging from traditional patterns to very graphic and experimental ones — will be on display.

An opening reception is scheduled for 5 to 7 p.m. Monday, June 20, at the Lillian Davis Hogan Galleries, located in the Toner Student Center.

The galleries — free and open to the public — are open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Spring 2011 dean's list

Adie Sarah Chanhassen MN
Allen Marie Wausau WI
Allis Andrea Wells MN
Anderson Danielle Cannon Falls MN
Anderson Kelsey Rochester MN
Arnold Elizabeth Saint Cloud MN
Assimos Alexa Northbrook IL
Baertlein Luke Mazeppa MN
Baier Lauren Mount Horeb WI
Barghahn Brenton La Crescent MN
Barnes Brittany Fairmont MN
Bartosz Julianne Mokena IL
Baustian Richard Dell Rapids SD
Berning Cassandra Cuba City WI
Biebel Maria Winona MN
Bignell Sarah Wabasha MN
Bim-Merle Gregory Michigan City IN
Bina Ellen St. Paul MN
Blanda Michael Oakdale MN
Bloomquist Brianna Brooklyn Center MN
Blum Ashley Buffalo City WI
Borash Peter Bowlus MN
Borntrager Jill Elk River MN
Bouska Jessica Chatfield MN
Breault Theresa Houston MN
Broin Sarah West Concord MN
Brueggen Andrew Holmen WI
Brune Lorelle Sterling IL
Burtis Kassondra Fairmont MN
Callisto Samuel Woodbury MN
Campbell Meghan Dyersville IA
Capelle Jenna Rochester MN
Carlson Mackenzie Rosemount MN
Carlson Morgan Theilman MN
Carter Paige Rosemount MN
Cermak Ashley Burnsville MN
Chang Yue Yancheng China
Chen Long Mian xian County China
Ciulla Nicole Plover WI
Clammer Nicole West Concord MN
Cole Caitlyn Larsen WI
Conry Thomas Waunakee WI
Cooling Hannah Madelia MN
Coulter Clinton Philo IL
Cuhel Cody Winsted MN
Cullen Michelle Roseville MN
Cummins Ann Birchwood MN
Dahlstrom Samantha Rochester MN
Daugherty Elizabeth Robbinsdale MN
DeHut Hazel Oconto WI
DeWall Shelby Caledonia MN
Dearing Charlotte Brighton United Kingdom
Degallier Emily Fountain City WI
Delfosse Jacquelyn Grafton WI
Denney Bradley Fishers IN
Desrocher Joseph Eagan MN
Dillon Brian Arden Hills MN
Dobihal Katelyn Lino Lakes MN
Dompierre Luc New Brighton MN
Drazkowski Anne Winona MN
Duarte Yasmin Chicago IL
Dvorak Nickolaus Lakeville MN
Dwyer John Minnetonka MN
Eckberg Katherine Batavia IL
Edholm Rosa Andover MN
Eirikson Benjamin Austin MN
Elbert Rachel Cedar Falls IA
Empanger Kristina Chaska MN
Engesser Christopher Luverne MN
Enstad Laura Austin MN
Escobar Acevedo Santiago Madelia MN
Escobar Luis Madelia MN
Ethen Dylan White Bear Lake MN
Ethen Hilary White Bear Lake MN
Feather David Oak Creek WI
Ferk Geoffrey Plainview MN
Ferk Joachim Plainview MN
Ferstead Amanda Chicago IL
Fetcko Jordan Crown Point IN
Feuerhelm Lydia Winona MN
Fidler Marie Woodbury MN
Fletcher Leah Shiocton WI
Fogel Andrea Haifa Israel
Frainey Heather Mundelein IL
Frechette Rachel Prior Lake MN
Frederickson Julie Winona MN
Galloway Loren Aurora IL
Gasner-White Courtney Rochester MN
Gehrman Amanda Stevens Point WI
Gibson Samantha Preston MN
Giers Jessica Winona MN
Gilbertson Alexander Morristown MN
Gilson Nora Saint Paul MN
Glenski Maria Pequot Lakes MN
Glorvigen Erin Rochester MN
Goetting Shea Brownsville MN
Gorgone Matthew Greenville RI
Grabau Tyler Wabasha MN
Grundhoefer Sarah W. Saint Paul MN
Grundtner Gabriel Inver Grove Hgts MN
Guse Kristine Red Wing MN
Hadac Anna Prior Lake MN
Haider Jared Forest Lake MN
Harrison Sophie Minnetonka MN
Harstad Sara Chatfield MN
Hastings Bethany Inver Grove Hgts MN
Healy Thomas Rolling Meadows IL
Heintz Jackie Caledonia MN
Heit Jamie St. Paul MN
Hellmann Megan Oshkosh WI
Henry Aaron Hastings MN
Hill Alison Skokie IL
Hofer Michael Rapid City SD
Horn Mark Burke SD
Hu Yue Xi'an China
Hulbert Kelsey Brooklyn Park MN
Hurley Erika Chatfield MN
Hurner Heather Moorhead MN
Jacks Kenneth Winona MN
Jambura Andrew Wauwatosa WI
Jensen Meghan Claremont MN
Jenson Paige Lake Park MN
Johnsen Kyle Maplewood MN
Johnson Megan Cottage Grove MN
Johnson Allison Austin MN
Jones Jamie Omaha NE
Junker Jordan Glenwood City WI
Kachelski Cree Elgin MN
Kaebel Joshua Tremont IL
Kasel Brian Minneapolis MN
Kay Laura Rush City MN
Keck Katelin Eden Prairie MN
Keefe Kaitlyn Chatfield MN
Kehoe Samuel Rosemount MN
Kennedy Sarah Lake City MN
Khan Talib Woodbury MN
Khoshnevis Nakisa Dayton MN
Kieffer Peter La Crosse WI
Kirchoefer Neil Metamora IL
Kirsch JoAnn Wesley IA
Kisrow Rebekah Coon Rapids MN
Klug Ellen Caledonia MN
Knudson Caitlyn Plymouth MN
Koel Derek Brownsville MN
Koezly Jennifer Ham Lake MN
Kotek Matthew La Crosse WI
Koziarz Cameron Western Springs IL
Kraft Sarah Rochester MN
Kratzke Abby Dent MN
Krueger Rebecca Ashland WI
Krystosek Nicole Royalton MN
Kubik Brittany Chicago IL
Kuehn Brittany Sauk Rapids MN
Kujak Amy River Falls WI
Kujtkowska Justyna Bogaczow Poland
Kulig Cherie Independence WI
Kuramoto Sloane Rochester MN
Lanari Maria Delano MN
Langan Gabrielle Austin MN
Larson Kate Winona MN
Larson Laura Pine Island MN
Larson-Bushlack Sabrina Mapleton MN
Lechner Jacob White Bear Twp. MN
Lee Jae Ryeon Seoul South Korea
Legatt Lindsey Sartell MN
Lehn Steven Hokah MN
Leisen Megan Kellogg MN
Lentz Rochelle Hermantown MN
Li Yuepeng Beijing China
Lieder Katharine Winona MN
Linder Megan Easton MN
Livesey Bryony Surrey United Kingdom
Lochen Steven Kimball MN
Lough Abby South Saint Paul MN
Ludescher Benjamin Northfield MN
Lukes Jessika Lester Prairie MN
Lyga Alison La Crosse WI
Lyons Billy Swansea United Kingdom
MacInnes-Ostrouch Esther Vienna Austria
Madison Cory Cottonwood MN
Martin Jillian Owatonna MN
Martin Katelynn Lyle MN
Martin Kathryn Plymouth MN
Martinez Jesus Chicago IL
Martinez Luz Palmdale CA
Mate Jessica St. Charles IL
May Mitchell Saint Cloud MN
Mazzuca Angela Saint Michael MN
McColl Peter Fountain City WI
McGuire Robert Rochester MN
Metz Kathryn Maple Lake MN
Mieszala Mary Chicago IL
Miller Jessica Carver MN
Mills Joanna New Boston IL
Morgan Erin Appleton WI
Munns Emily St. Paul MN
Nelson Shannon Brooklyn Park MN
Niedbala Elizabeth Geneva IL
Nolte Laura Owatonna MN
Norton Jonathan Ft Wayne IN
Norwell Colleen Orland Park IL
Oas LeiLani Minnesota City MN
Ohl Hailey Bloomington MN
Olsen Emilie Winona MN
Olson Alexis Altura MN
Osen Heather Rogers MN
Ostman Michael Saint Michael MN
Otto Samantha Hampton MN
Pace Joanna Minocqua WI
Paul Jared La Crescent MN
Perri Maxwell Arlington Heights IL
Petersen Darcy Hokah MN
Peterson Rachel Superior WI
Pflughoeft Samuel Houston MN
Pica Michael Champaign IL
Pierce Julie Minneapolis MN
Polzin Laura Burnsville MN
Powell Angela Stillwater MN
Powers Hannah New Brighton MN
Prusak Agnieszka Olawa Poland
Puch Gia Des Plaines IL
Quandt Regina Minneapolis MN
Quinn Michelle Onalaska WI
Quinn Thomas Cannon Falls MN
Rahman Amanda Rochester MN
Rajdl Bethany Glenwood MN
Rangitsch Andrew Oakdale MN
Ranstrom Jordan Warren MN
Rath Leah Easton MN
Rath Naomi Easton MN
Regan Erin Stillwater MN
Rennie Cathryn Pine Island MN
Rice Matthew St. Cloud MN
Rodriguez Elizabeth Clive IA
Romanchuk Kyle Anchorage AK
Ronning Peter Eden Prairie MN
Rosno Gregory W. St. Paul MN
Ross Valerie Hastings MN
Rothering Lauren Rockton IL
Rubenzer Erica Jim Falls WI
Ruf Andrew Chippewa Falls WI
Rutledge Jeunesse Mundelein IL
Rysavy Joseph Burnsville MN
Sandager Rebecca Hills MN
Sandquist Jason Mounds View MN
Sapper Katherine El Cajon CA
Saunders Evan Chicago IL
Scanlon Tessa Cologne MN
Schaub Stephanie La Crosse WI
Schmidt Bethany Sparta WI
Scholbrock Danielle Potosi WI
Schommer Patricia Rochester MN
Schwarz Daniel Bangor WI
Scott Benjamin Rochester MN
Seifert Andrew Andover MN
Shewmon Elizabeth Arlington Heights IL
Shockley Evan Omaha NE
Sievers Rachel Saint Paul MN
Simons Kellie Richfield MN
Sindelar Christopher Syracuse IN
Smith Catherine Chicago IL
Smith Katherine Lake Geneva WI
Solland Stephanie Albert Lea MN
Sonday Anna W. St. Paul MN
Soucheray John Woodbury MN
Speltz Anthony Rollingstone MN
Speltz Christopher Arcadia WI
Spiess Daniel Roseville MN
Spitzmueller Amy New Brighton MN
Spitzmueller Jill New Brighton MN
Spriegel David Gurnee IL
Stenzel Emma Alden MN
Stier Marie Chatfield MN
Stock Morgan Amboy MN
Streefland Daniel Webster MN
Stringer Caroline Saint Cloud MN
Szczepkowski Pawel Kluczbork Poland
Thiel Gabriel Elgin MN
Tierney Linda Cloquet MN
Toliver Jacob Rantoul IL
Trask John Wasta SD
Traxler Jake Le Sueur MN
Traxler Matthew Le Sueur MN
Treptow Melisse Wells MN
Twardowski Casey St. Louis Park MN
Valentine Stephanie Omaha NE
Van Leeuwe Amanda Ghent MN
Vette Randall Spearfish SD
Villaume Margaret Eagan MN
Voigt Abby Burnsville MN
Wagner Kelly Woodbury MN
Wallerich Lukas Inver Grove Hgts MN
Wang Yu Kunming China
Weber Amanda White Bear Lake MN
Weir David Oswego IL
Welhaven Emily Rochester MN
Wentland Kevin Columbia Heights MN
Wermerskirchen Kaitlin Shakopee MN
White Kara Winona MN
Wilkes Kristin Savage MN
Williams Christopher Chicago IL
Wirkus Taryn La Crosse WI
Wobschall Marcus Waseca MN
Wockenfus Ryan New London WI
Wojahn Alycia Cannon Falls MN
Wood Daniel Wilmington OH
Xie Dongyang Xi'an China
Yennie Marilyn Grand Meadow MN
Zheng Tingting Fujian China